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1:1 Who have undertaken to draw up an account?  Many
1:1 What have many undertaken to draw up?  An account of the things that have been fulfilled among us

1:2 By whom were they handed down (to us)?  (By) Those who were eyewitnesses and servants of the word (from the first)
1:2 When were those eyewitnesses and servants of the word?  (From) The first
1:2 What were those (from the first)?  Eyewitnesses and servants of the word

1:3 Why did it seem good to me to write an orderly account for you (most excellent Theophilus, also)?  Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything (from the beginning)
1:3 Who has investigated everything (carefully, from the beginning)?  I myself (have)
1:3 What have I myself investigated (carefully from the beginning)?  Everything
1:3 How have I myself investigated everything (from the beginning)?  Carefully
1:3 From when have I myself investigated everything (carefully)?  (From) The beginning
1:3 What did it seem good to me to write (also)?  An orderly account
1:3 For whom did it seem good to write an orderly account (to me also)?  (For) You, most excellent Theophilus

1:5 When was there a priest named Zechariah?  (In) The time of Herod king of Judea
1:5 Who was there (who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah, in the time of Herod king of Judea)?  A priest named Zechariah
1:5 To what did a priest named Zechariah belong?  (To) The priestly division of Abijah
1:5 Who was a descendant of Aaron (also)?  His wife Elizabeth
1:5 What was his wife Elizabeth (also)?  A descendant of Aaron
1:5 Of whom was his wife Elizabeth a descendant (also)?  (Of) Aaron

1:6 Who were upright in the sight of God?  Both of them
1:6 How were both of them observing all the Lord’s commandments and regulations?  Blamelessly
1:6 Observing what were both of them upright in the sight of God?  (Observing) all the Lord’s commandments and regulations (blamelessly)

1:7 Whom did they have?  No children
1:7 Why did they have no children?  Because Elizabeth was barren and they were both well along in years
1:7 Who was barren?  Elizabeth
1:7 What was Elizabeth?  Barren
1:7 What were they both?  Well along in years

1:8 Who was on duty?  Zechariah’s division
1:8 On what was Zechariah’s division?  (On) Duty
1:8 Before whom was he serving (as priest)?  (Before) God
1:8 As what was he serving (before God)?  (As) Priest

1:9 Why was he chosen (by lot)?  To go into the temple of the Lord and burn incense
1:9 According to what was he chosen?  (According to) The custom of the priesthood
1:9 By what was he chosen?  (By) Lot

1:10 When were all the assembled worshipers praying (outside?  When the time for the burning of incense came
1:10 What came?  The time for the burning of incense
1:10 Who were praying (outside)?  All the assembled worshipers
1:10 Where were all the assembled worshipers (praying)?  Outside

1:11 Who appeared to him (then)?  An angel of the Lord
1:11 Where did an angel of the Lord appear to him (then)?  (Standing at) The right side of the altar of incense

1:12 When was he startled and gripped with fear?  When Zechariah saw him
1:12 Who saw him (was startled and gripped with fear)?  Zechariah (he)
1:12 What was he (Zechariah)?  Startled and gripped with fear

1:13 Who said to him?  The angel
1:13 Do not what (Zechariah)?  (Do not) Be afraid
1:13 What has been heard?  Your prayer
1:13 Who do not be afraid?  Zechariah
1:13 Who will bear you a son?  Your wife Elizabeth
1:13 Whom will your wife Elizabeth bear you (and you are to give the name John)?  A son (him)
1:13 What name are you to give him (a son)?  (The name) John

1:14 What will he be (to you)?  A joy and a delight
1:14 Who will rejoice?  Many
1:14 Why will many rejoice?  Because of his birth

1:15 In what will he be great?  (In) The sight of the Lord
1:15 What is he never to take?  Wine or other fermented drink
1:15 When is he to take wine or other fermented drink?  Never
1:15 With whom will he be filled (even from birth)?  (With) The Holy Spirit
1:15 What will he be (even from birth)?  Filled (with the Holy Spirit)
1:15 When will he be filled with the Holy Spirit?  (Even from) Birth

1:17 Before whom will he go on?  (Before) The Lord
1:17 In what will he go on (before the Lord)?  (In) The spirit and power of Elijah
1:17 Why will he go on before the Lord in the spirit and power of Elijah?  To turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous-to make ready a people prepared for the Lord

1:18 Who asked the angel?  Zechariah
1:18 Whom did Zechariah ask?  The angel
1:18 Who is well along in years?  My wife
1:18 What is my wife?  Well along in years
1:18 What am I?  (An) Old (man)

1:19 Who answered?  The angel
1:19 Who am I?  Gabriel
1:19 In what do I stand?  (In) The presence of God
1:19 What have I been sent to tell you?  This good news
1:19 Why have I been sent?  To speak to you and to tell you this good news

1:20 When will you be silent and not able to speak?  Now OR Until the day this happens
1:20 What will you be (until the day this happens, now)?  Silent and not able to speak
1:20 Why will you be silent and not able to speak until the day this happens (now)?  Because you did not believe my words
1:20 What did you not believe (which will come true at their proper time)?  My words
1:20 When will my words come true?  (At) Their proper time

1:21 When were the people waiting (for Zechariah and wondering)?  Meanwhile
1:21 For whom were the people waiting (meanwhile)?  (For) Zechariah
1:21 Who were waiting (for Zechariah and wondering, meanwhile)?  The people
1:21 What were the people wondering?  Why he (Zechariah) stayed so long in the temple
1:21 When did he stay in the temple?  So long

1:22 When could he not speak (to them)?  When he came out
1:22 What did they realize?  He had seen a vision in the temple
1:22 Why did they realize he had seen a vision (in the temple)?  For he kept making signs to them, but remained unable to speak
1:22 What did he keep making to them?  Signs
1:22 How did he remain?  Unable to speak

1:23 When did he return home?  When his time of service was completed
1:23 Where did he return (when his time of service was completed)?  Home
1:23 What was completed?  His time of service

1:24 What did his wife Elizabeth become (after this)?  Pregnant
1:24 When did his wife Elizabeth become pregnant?  After this
1:24 Who became pregnant and remained in seclusion (for five months, after this)?  His wife Elizabeth
1:24 When did his wife Elizabeth remain in seclusion?  (For) Five months
1:24 In what did his wife Elizabeth remain for five months?  (In) Seclusion

1:25 Who has done this for me (has shown his favor and taken away my disgrace among the people)?  The Lord (he)
1:25 When has he shown his favor and taken away my disgrace among the people?  (In) These days
1:25 What has he shown (in these days)?  His favor
1:25 What has he taken away?  My disgrace (among the people)
1:25 Among whom has he taken away my disgrace?  (Among) The people

1:26 When did God send the angel Gabriel (to Nazareth a town in Galilee)?  (In) The sixth month
1:26 Who sent the angel Gabriel (to Nazareth a town in Galilee, in the sixth month)?  God
1:26 Whom did God send (to Nazareth a town in Galilee, in the sixth month)?  The angel Gabriel
1:26 Where did God send the angel Gabriel?  (To) Nazareth, a town in Galilee

1:28 Who went to her and said?  The angel
1:28 What are you (highly)?  Favored
1:28 How are you favored?  Highly
1:28 Who is with you?  The Lord

1:29 Who was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be?  Mary
1:29 At what was Mary troubled (greatly)?  (At) His words
1:29 How was Mary troubled (at his words)?  Greatly
1:29 What did Mary wonder?  What kind of greeting this might be

1:30 Do not what (Mary)?  (Do not) Be afraid
1:30 What have you found (with God)?  Favor
1:30 Who said to her?  The angel
1:30 Who do not be afraid (has found favor with God)?  Mary (you have)
1:30 With whom have you found favor (Mary)?  (With) God

1:31 With whom will you be?  (With) Child
1:31 To whom will you give birth?  (To) A son (him)
1:31 What will you give?  Birth (to a son)
1:31 What name are you to give him (a son)?  (The name) Jesus

1:32 What will he be?  Great (and will be) called the Son of the Most High
1:32 Who will give him the throne of his father David?  The Lord God
1:32 What will the Lord God give him?  The throne of his father David

1:33 Over what will he reign forever?  (Over) The house of Jacob
1:33 When will he reign over the house of Jacob?  Forever
1:33 What will never end?  His kingdom
1:33 When will his kingdom end?  Never

1:34 Who asked the angel?  Mary
1:34 Whom did Mary ask?  The angel

1:35 What will overshadow you?  The power of the Most High
1:35 What will the holy one to be born be called?  (The) Son of God
1:35 Who answered?  The angel
1:35 Who will come upon you?  The Holy Spirit
1:35 Who will be called the Son of God?  The holy one to be born

1:36 Who is going to have a child (even in her old age, is in her sixth month)?  Elizabeth your relative OR She who was said to be barren
1:36 Whom is Elizabeth your relative going to have (even in her old age)?  A child
1:36 In what is Elizabeth your relative (even, she who was said to be barren)?  (In) Her old age (going to have a child) OR Her sixth month

1:37 With whom is nothing impossible?  (With) God
1:37 What is impossible with God?  Nothing

1:38 Who answered?  Mary
1:38 What am I?  The Lord’s servant
1:38 How may it be (to me)?  As you have said
1:38 Who left her (then)?  The angel

1:39 When did Mary get ready and hurry to a town in the hill country of Judea?  (At) That time
1:39 Who got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea (at that time)?  Mary
1:39 Where did Mary hurry?  (To) A town in the hill country of Judea

1:40 What did she enter?  Zechariah’s home
1:40 Whom did she greet?  Elizabeth

1:41 When did the baby leap in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit?  When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting
1:41 Who heard Mary’s greeting?  Elizabeth
1:41 What did Elizabeth hear?  Mary’s greeting
1:41 Who leaped in her womb (when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting)?  The baby
1:41 In what did the baby leap (when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting)?  (In) Her womb
1:41 Who was filled with the Holy Spirit?  Elizabeth
1:41 With whom was Elizabeth filled?  (With) The Holy Spirit
1:41 What was Elizabeth?  Filled (with the Holy Spirit)

1:42 What are you among women (and is the child you will bear)?  Blessed
1:42 In what did she exclaim?  (In) A loud voice
1:42 Among whom are you blessed?  (Among) Women
1:42 Who is blessed (among women)?  (You and) The child you will bear
1:42 Whom will you bear?  The child

1:44 When did the baby in my womb leap (for joy)?  As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears
1:44 What reached my ears?  The sound of your greeting
1:44 Who leaped (for joy, as soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears)?  The baby in my womb
1:44 Why did the baby in my womb leap?  For joy

1:45 Who is blessed?  She who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished
1:45 What is she who has believed what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished?  Blessed
1:45 Who has said to her?  The Lord

1:46 What glorifies the Lord?  My soul
1:46 Who said?  Mary
1:46 Whom does my soul glorify?  The Lord

1:47 What rejoices in God my Savior?  My spirit
1:47 In whom does my spirit rejoice?  (In) God my Savior

1:48 Of what has he been mindful?  (Of) The humble state of his servant
1:48 Who will call me blessed (from now on)?  All generations
1:48 When will all generations call me blessed?  (From) Now on
1:48 What will all generations call me (from now on)?  Blessed

1:49 Who has done great things (for me)?  The Mighty One
1:49 What has the Mighty One done (for me)?  Great things
1:49 What is his name?  Holy

1:50 What extends to those who fear him (from generation to generation)?  His mercy
1:50 To whom does his mercy extend (from generation to generation)?  Those who fear him
1:50 When does his mercy extend to those who fear him?  (From) Generation to generation

1:51 With what has he performed mighty deeds?  (With) His arm
1:51 Whom has he scattered?  Those who are proud in their inmost thoughts
1:51 In what are those proud (he has scattered)?  (In) Their inmost thoughts

1:52 Whom has he brought down (from their thrones)?  Rulers
1:52 From what has he brought down rulers?  (From) Their thrones
1:52 Whom has he lifted up?  The humble

1:53 Whom has he filled (with good things)?  The hungry
1:53 With what has he filled the hungry?  (With) Good things
1:53 Whom has he sent away (empty)?  The rich
1:53 How has he sent the rich away?  Empty
1:53 Where has he sent the rich (empty)?  Away

1:54 Whom has he helped?  His servant Israel
1:54 Remembering what has he helped his servant Israel? (Remembering) To be merciful

1:56 Who stayed with Elizabeth and returned home (for about three months, then)?  Mary
1:56 With whom did Mary stay (for about three months)?  (With) Elizabeth
1:56 When did Mary stay with Elizabeth?  (For) About three months
1:56 Where did she return (then)?  Home

1:57 When did she give birth?  When it was time for Elizabeth to have her baby (a son)
1:57 What was it?  Time for Elizabeth to have her baby (a son)
1:57 To whom did she give birth (it was time for Elizabeth to have)?  (To) A son OR (To) Her baby
1:57 What did she give (to a son, her baby)?  Birth

1:58 Who heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy (and shared her joy)?  Her neighbors and relatives (They)
1:58 What did her neighbors and relatives hear (that)?  The Lord had shown her great mercy
1:58 What did they share?  Her joy

1:59 When did they come?  (On) The eighth day
1:59 Why did they come (on the eighth day)?  To circumcise the child (him)
1:59 Whom did they come to circumcise (on the eighth day)?  The child (him)
1:59 After whom were they going to name him (the child)?  (After) His father Zechariah

1:60 Who spoke up and said?  His mother
1:60 What is he to be called?  John

1:61 What does no one among your relatives have?  That name
1:61 Who has that name among your relatives?  (There is) No one
1:61 Among whom does no one have that name (there)?  Your relatives

1:62 What did they make (to his father)?  Signs
1:62 To whom did they make signs?  (To) His father
1:62 Why did they make signs to his father?  To find out what he would like to name the child
1:62 Whom would he like to name?  The child

1:63 For what did he ask?  (For) A writing tablet
1:63 To what did he write (his name is John)?  (To) Everyone’s astonishment
1:63 What is his name?  John

1:64 How was his mouth opened and his tongue loosed and he began to speak (praising God)?  Immediately
1:64 What was opened (immediately)?  His mouth
1:64 What was loosed?  His tongue
1:64 Praising whom did he begin to speak?  (Praising) God

1:65 Who were all filled with awe?  The neighbors
1:65 With what were the neighbors all filled?  (With) Awe
1:65 Where were people talking (about all these things)?  (Throughout) The hill country of Judea
1:65 Who were talking (about all these things)?  The people
1:65 About what were the people talking?  (About) All these things

1:66 Who wondered about it?  Everyone who heard this
1:66 What was with him?  The Lord’s hand

1:67 Who was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied?  His father Zechariah
1:67 With whom was his father Zechariah filled?  (With) The Holy Spirit
1:67 What was his father Zechariah?  Filled (with the Holy Spirit)

1:68 To whom be praise?  (To) The Lord, the God of Israel
1:68 What be to the Lord, the God of Israel?  Praise
1:68 Why be praise to the Lord, the God of Israel?  Because he has come and has redeemed his people
1:68 Whom has he redeemed?  His people
1:73 What did he swear?  The oath
1:73 To whom did he swear (the oath)?  (To) Our father Abraham
1:76 Who will be called a prophet of the Most High?  You, my child
1:76 What will you my child be called?  A prophet of the Most High
1:76 Why will you my child be called a prophet of the Most High?  For you will go on before the Lord
1:76 Before whom will you go on?  (Before) The Lord
1:76 Why will you go on before the Lord?  To prepare the way for him
1:76 What will you go on before the Lord to prepare (for him)?  The way
1:78 By what will the rising sun come to us (from heaven)?  (By) The tender mercy of our God
1:78 From where will the rising sun come to us?  (From) Heaven
1:80 Who grew and became strong in spirit (and lived in the desert until he appeared publicly to Israel)?  The child
1:80 In what did the child become strong (and grow)?  (In) Spirit
1:80 Where did he live (until he appeared publicly to Israel)?  (In) The desert
1:80 Until when did he live in the desert?  (Until) He (the child) appeared publicly to Israel
1:80 How did he appear to Israel?  Publicly
1:80 To whom did he appear (publicly)?  (To) Israel

2:1 When did Caesar Augustus issue a decree?  (In) Those days
2:1 Who issued a decree (in those days)?  Caesar Augustus
2:1 What did Caesar Augustus issue (in those days)?  A decree
2:1 Why did Caesar Augustus issue a decree (in those days)?  That a census should be taken of the entire Roman world
2:1 What should be taken (of the entire Roman world)?  A census
2:1 Of whom should a census be taken?  (Of) The entire Roman world
2:2 What was this?  The first census that took place (while Quirinius was governor of Syria)
2:2 When was this the first census that took place?  While Quirinius was governor of Syria
2:2 Who was governor (of Syria)?  Quirinius
2:2 What was Quirinius?  Governor (of Syria)
2:2 Of where was Quirinius governor?  (Of) Syria
2:3 Who went to his own town (to register)?  Everyone
2:3 Where did everyone go (to register)?  (To) His own town
2:3 Why did everyone go to his own town?  To register
2:4 Who went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem (the town of David, belonged to the house and line of David, also)?  Joseph (he)
2:4 Where did Joseph go (also)?  Up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David
2:4 Why did Joseph go up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea to Bethlehem (the town of David, also)?  Because he belonged to the house and line of David
2:4 To what did he belong?  (To) The house and line of David
2:5 Why did he go there?  To register (with Mary)
2:5 With whom did he go there (to register)?  (With) Mary
2:5 What was Mary?  Pledged to be married to him and (was) expecting a child
2:5 Who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child?  Mary
2:5 Whom was Mary expecting?  A child
2:6 When did the time come for the baby to be born?  While they were there
2:6 What came (while they were there)?  The time for the baby to be born
2:7 To whom did she give birth (wrapped in cloths and place in a manger)?  (To) Her firstborn, a son (him)
2:7 What did she give to her firstborn (a son)?  Birth
2:7 In what did she wrap him (her firstborn, a son)?  (In) Cloths
2:7 In what did she place him (her firstborn, a son)?  (In) A manger
2:7 Why did she wrap him in cloths and place him in a manger?  Because there was no room for them in the inn
2:7 In what was there no room (for them)?  (In) The inn
2:8 Who were living out in the fields nearby (there, keeping watch over their flocks)?  Shepherds
2:8 Where were shepherds living (there)?  Out in the fields nearby
2:8 Over what were shepherds keeping watch (at night, there)?  (Over) Their flocks
2:8 When were shepherds keeping watch (over their flocks, there)?  (At) Night
2:9 Who appeared (to them)?  An angel of the Lord
2:9 What shone around them?  The glory of the Lord
2:9 Where did the glory of the Lord shine?  Around (them)
2:9 What were they?  Terrified
2:10 Do not what?  (Do not) Be afraid
2:10 What do I bring you (that will be for all the people)?  Good news of great joy
2:10 Who said to them?  The angel
2:10 For whom will good news of great joy be (I bring you)?  (For) All the people
2:11 When has a Savior been born (to you in the town of David)?  Today
2:11 Who has been born to you (today, is he)?  A Savior OR Christ the Lord
2:11 Where has a Savior been born (to you, today)?  (In) The town of David
2:12 What will this be (to you)?  A sign
2:12 Whom will you find wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger?  A baby
2:12 Wrapped in what will you find a baby?  (Wrapped in) Cloths
2:12 Lying in what will you find a baby?  (Lying in) A manger
2:13 How did a great company of the heavenly host appear (with the angel)?  Suddenly
2:13 Praising whom did a great company of the heavenly host appear (with the angel, suddenly)?  (Praising) God
2:13 Who appeared (with the angel, suddenly, praising God and saying)?  A great company of the heavenly host
2:13 With whom did a great company of the heavenly host appear (suddenly)?  (With) The angel
2:14 To whom glory in the highest?  (To) God
2:14 In what glory to God?  (In) The highest
2:14 Where peace to men on whom his favor rests?  (On) Earth
2:14 What to men on whom his favor rests (on earth)?  Peace
2:14 To whom peace (on earth, on whom his favor rests)?  (To) Men
2:15 When did the shepherds say to one another?  When the angels had left them and gone into heaven
2:15 Who had left them and gone into heaven?  The angels
2:15 Where had the angels gone (left them and)?  (Into) Heaven
2:15 Who said to one another?  The shepherds
2:15 To whom did the shepherds say?  (To) One another
2:15 What has happened (which the Lord has told us about)?  This thing
2:15 Let’s go where?  (To) Bethlehem
2:15 Who has told us (about this thing that has happened)?  The Lord
2:16 Whom did they find?  Mary and Joseph, and the baby (lying in the manger)
2:16 Who was lying in the manger?  The baby
2:16 In what was the baby lying?  (In) The manger
2:17 When did they spread the word (concerning what had been told them about this child)?  When they had seen him (this child)
2:17 Concerning what did they spread the word (when they had seen him)?  (Concerning) What had been told them about this child
2:18 What were all who heard it?  Amazed at what the shepherds said to them
2:18 Who were amazed?  All who heard it
2:18 Who said to them?  The shepherds
2:19 Who treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart?  Mary
2:19 What did Mary treasure up (and ponder in her heart)?  All these things (them)
2:20 Who returned (glorifying and praising God)?  The shepherds
2:20 Praising whom did the shepherds return?  (Glorifying and praising) God
2:20 For what did the shepherds return glorifying and praising God (were just as they had been told)?  (For) All the things they had heard and seen
2:20 How were all the things they had heard and seen?  (Which were) Just as they had been told
2:21 When was he named Jesus (when it was time to circumcise him)?  (On) The eighth day
2:21 What was he named (the name the angel had given him, when it was time to circumcise him)?  Jesus
2:21 Who had given him the name (Jesus, before he had been conceived)?  The angel
2:21 Before when had the angel given him the name (Jesus)?  (Before) He (Jesus) had been conceived
2:21 What had he been?  Conceived
2:22 When did Joseph and Mary take him to Jerusalem?  When the time of their purification according to the Law of Moses had been completed
2:22 According to what had the time of their purification been completed?  (According to) The Law of Moses
2:22 Who took him (to Jerusalem)?  Joseph and Mary
2:22 Where did Joseph and Mary take him?  (To) Jerusalem
2:22 Why did Joseph and Mary take him to Jerusalem?  To present him to the Lord
2:23 In what is it written?  (In) The Law of the Lord
2:23 Who is to be consecrated to the Lord?  Every firstborn male
2:23 To whom is every firstborn male to be consecrated?  (To) The Lord
2:25 When was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon (there)?  Now
2:25 Who was in Jerusalem (who was righteous and devout, was waiting for the consolation of Israel, now there)?  A man called Simeon (he)
2:25 Where was a man called Simeon (who was righteous and devout, now)?  (In) Jerusalem (there)
2:25 What was a man (in Jerusalem)?  Righteous and devout OR Called Simeon OR Waiting for the consolation of Israel
2:25 Who was upon him?  The Holy Spirit
2:26 What had been revealed to him (by the Holy Spirit)?  (It, That) He would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ
2:26 Before when would he not die?  (Before) He had seen the Lord’s Christ
2:26 By whom had it been revealed (to him)?  (By) The Holy Spirit
2:27 Moved by whom did he go into the temple courts?  (Moved by) The Spirit
2:27 Into what did he go (the parents brought the child Jesus in)?  (Into) The temple courts
2:27 Who brought the child Jesus in?  The parents
2:27 Whom did the parents bring in (the temple courts)?  The child Jesus (him)
2:27 Why did the parents bring the child Jesus in (the temple courts)?  To do for him what the custom of the Law required
2:28 Who took him in his arms and praised God (saying)?  Simeon
2:28 In what did Simeon take him?  (In) His arms
2:28 Whom did Simeon praise?  God
2:29 Who dismiss your servant in peace (now, has promised)?  Sovereign Lord (you)
2:29 How do you dismiss your servant in peace (now)?  (Sovereign Lord) As you have promised
2:29 In what do you dismiss your servant (now, Sovereign Lord)?  (In) Peace
2:29 Whom do you dismiss in peace (now, Sovereign Lord)?  Your servant
2:29 When do you dismiss your servant in peace (Sovereign Lord)?  Now
2:33 Who marveled?  The child’s father and mother
2:33 At what did the child’s father and mother marvel?  (At) What was said about him
2:34 Who blessed them and said to Mary his mother (then)?  Simeon
2:34 To whom did Simeon say?  (To) Mary his mother
2:34 What is this child destined to cause?  The falling and rising (of many in Israel)
2:34 What is this child destined to be (that will be spoken against)?  A sign
2:34 Who is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel and to be a sign that will be spoken against?  This child
2:34 Of whom is this child destined to cause the falling and rising (in Israel)?  (Of) Many
2:34 Where is this child destined to cause the falling and rising of many?  (In) Israel
2:35 What will be revealed?  The thoughts of many hearts
2:35 What will pierce your own soul (too)?  A sword
2:36 Who was there (was very old, had lived with her husband seven years after her marriage, also)?  A prophetess, Anna (she)
2:36 What was she (Anna)?  Very old OR A prophetess OR The daughter of Phanuel of the tribe of Asher
2:36 With whom had she lived (seven years after her marriage)?  (With) Her husband
2:36 Of whom was a prophetess Anna the daughter?  (Of) Phanuel (of the tribe of Asher)
2:36 When had she lived with her husband?  Seven years after her marriage
2:37 What was she?  A widow OR 84
2:37 What did she never leave?  The temple
2:37 When did she leave the temple?  Never
2:37 When did she worship (fasting and praying)?  Night and day
2:38 To whom did she give thanks?  (To) God
2:38 What did she give to God?  Thanks
2:38 When did she give thanks to God (coming up to them)?  (At) That very moment
2:38    To whom did she speak about the child?   (To) All who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem
2:39 When did they return to Galilee to their own town of Nazareth?  When Joseph and Mary had done everything required by the Law of the Lord
2:39 Who had done everything required by the Law of the Lord (returned to Galilee)?  Joseph and Mary (they)
2:39 What had Joseph and Mary done (required by the Law of the Lord)?  Everything
2:39 Where did they return?  (To) Galilee (to) their own town of Nazareth
2:40 Who grew and became strong (was filled with wisdom)?  The child (he)
2:40 What did the child become?  Strong
2:40 With what was he filled?  Wisdom
2:40 What was upon him (the child)?  The grace of God
2:41 When did his parents go to Jerusalem?  Every year
2:41 Where did his parents go (every year)?  (To) Jerusalem
2:41 Who went to Jerusalem (every year)?  His parents
2:41 Why did his parents go to Jerusalem (every year)?  For the Feast of the Passover
2:42 When did they go up to the Feast?  When he was 12 years old
2:42 What was he?  12 years old
2:42 Where did they go?  Up to the Feast
2:42 According to what did they go up to the Feast?  (According to) The custom
2:43 When did the boy Jesus stay behind in Jerusalem (but they were unaware of it)?  After the Feast was over, while his parents were returning home
2:43 What was over?  The Feast
2:43 Where were his parents returning?  Home
2:43 Who stayed behind in Jerusalem?  The boy Jesus
2:43 Who were returning home (were unaware of it)?  His parents (they)
2:43 Where did the boy Jesus stay behind?  (In) Jerusalem
2:43 What were they?  Unaware of it (the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem)
2:44 Thinking what did they travel on (for a day)?  (Thinking) He was in their company
2:44 When did they travel on?  (For) A day
2:44 Among whom did they begin looking for him?  (Among) Their relatives and friends
2:45 When did they go back to Jerusalem?  When they did not find him
2:45 Where did they go?  Back to Jerusalem
2:45 Why did they go back to Jerusalem?  To look for him OR They did not find him
2:46 When did they find him (in the temple courts)?  After three days
2:46 Among whom did they find him sitting (listening to and asking questions, in the temple courts)?  (Among) The teachers (them)
2:46 In what did they find him (sitting)?  (In) The temple courts
2:47 Who was amazed ( at his understanding and his answers)?  Everyone who heard him
2:47 At what was everyone who heard him amazed?  (At) His understanding and his answers
2:48 When were they astonished?  When his parents saw him
2:48 What were they (his parents)?  Astonished
2:48 Who saw him (were astonished)?  His parents (they)
2:48 Who said to him?  His mother
2:48 How have your father and I been searching for you?  Anxiously
2:48 Who have been searching for you (anxiously)?  Your father and I (his mother)
2:50 What did they not understand?  What he was saying to them
2:51 Where did he go with them (then)?  Down to Nazareth
2:51 What was he (then)?  Obedient (to them)
2:51 Who treasured all these things in her heart?  His mother
2:51 What did his mother treasure in her heart?  All these things
2:52 Who grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men?  Jesus
2:52 In what did Jesus grow?  (In) Wisdom and stature and (in) favor with God and men

3:1 Who was governor (of Judea)?  Pontius Pilate
3:1 Of where was Pontius Pilate governor?  (Of) Judea
3:1 What was Pontius Pilate?  Governor
3:1 Who was tetrarch?  Herod OR His brother Philip OR Lysanias
3:1 Of where was Herod tetrarch?  (Of) Galilee
3:1 What was Herod (his brother Philip, and Lysanias)?  Tetrarch
3:1 Of where was his brother Philip tetrarch?  (Of) Iturea and Traconitis
3:1 Of where was Lysanias tetrarch?  (Of) Abilene
3:1 When was Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea, Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea and Traconitis, and Lysanias tetrarch of Abilene?  (In) The fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar
3:2 When did the word of God come to John son of Zechariah in the desert?  During the high priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas
3:2 To whom did the word of God come (in the desert)?  (To) John son of Zechariah
3:2 Where did the word of God come to John son of Zechariah?  (In) The desert
3:2 What came to John son of Zechariah (in the desert)?  The word of God
3:3 Where did he go?  (Into) All the country around the Jordan
3:3 Preaching what did he go into all the country around the Jordan?  (Preaching) A baptism of repentance (for the forgiveness of sins)
3:3 Why did he go into all the country around the Jordan preaching a baptism of repentance?  For the forgiveness of sins
3:4 Prepare what (for the Lord)?  (Prepare) The way
3:4 Make what (for him)?  (Make) Straight paths
3:4 For whom prepare the way (make straight paths)?  (For) The Lord (him)
3:5 What shall be filled in?  Every valley
3:5 What shall be made low?  Every mountain and hill
3:5 What shall become straight?  The crooked roads
3:5 What shall become smooth?  The rough ways
3:6 Who will see God’s salvation?  All mankind
3:6 What will all mankind see?  God’s salvation
3:7 Who said to the crowds coming out to be baptized by him?  John
3:7 To whom did John say?  (To) The crowds coming out (to be baptized by him)
3:8 Produce what in keeping with repentance?  (Produce) Fruit
3:8 Whom do we have as our father?  Abraham
3:8 Out of what can God raise up children for Abraham (I tell you)?  (Out of) These stones
3:8 Who can raise up children for Abraham out of these stones (I tell you)?  God
3:8 For whom can God raise up children?  (For) Abraham
3:9 At what is the axe (already)?  (At) The root of the trees
3:9 When is the axe at the root of the trees?  Already
3:9 What will be cut down and thrown into the fire that does not produce good fruit?  Every tree
3:10 Who asked?  The crowd
3:11 Who answered?  John
3:11 With whom should the man with two tunics share (who has food share)?  (With) Him who has none
3:11 Who should share with him who has none (do the same)?  The man with two tunics OR The one who has food
3:11 What should the one who has food do (the man with two tunics)?  The same OR Share with him who has none
3:12 Who came to be baptized (asked, also)?  Tax collectors
3:12 Why did tax collectors come (also)?  To be baptized
3:12 What did the tax collectors come to be?  Baptized
3:13 Don’t what?  (Don’t) Collect any more than you are required to
3:14 Who asked him (then)?  Some soldiers
3:14 Don’t what?  (Don’t) Extort money and (don’t) accuse people falsely
3:14 With what be content?  (With) Your pay
3:15 Who were waiting and were all wondering in their hearts if John might possibly be the Christ (expectantly)?  The people
3:15 How were the people waiting?  Expectantly
3:15 What were the people all wondering in their hearts?  If John might possibly be the Christ
3:16 Who answered them all?  John
3:16 Whom did John answer?  Them all
3:16 With what do I baptize you?  (With) Water
3:16 What am I not worthy to untie?  The thongs (of whose sandals)
3:16 With what will he baptize you?  (With) Fire
3:16 With whom will he baptize you?  (With) The Holy Spirit
3:16 Who will come (will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire)?  One more powerful than I (he)
3:17 In what is his winnowing fork?  (In) His hand
3:17 Why is his winnowing fork in his hand?  To clear his threshing floor and to gather the wheat into his barn
3:17 With what will he burn up the chaff?  (With) Unquenchable fire
3:18 With what did John exhort the people?  (With) Many other words
3:18 What did John preach to them?  The good news
3:18 Who exhorted the people with many other words and preached the good news to them?  John
3:18 Whom did John exhort (with many other words)?  The people (them)
3:19 Who rebuked Herod the tetrarch?  John
3:19 Whom did John rebuke?  Herod the tetrarch
3:19 Why did John rebuke Herod the tetrarch?  Because of Herodias, his brother’s wife, and all the other evil things he had done
3:19 What had he done?  (All the other) Evil things
3:20 To what did Herod add this?  (To) Them all
3:20 Whom did he lock up in prison?  John
3:20 In what did he lock John up?  (In) Prison
3:21 Who was baptized (was praying, too)?  Jesus
3:21 Who were being baptized?  All the people
3:21 What were all the people being (Jesus was, too)?  Baptized
3:21 When was Jesus baptized (too)?  When all the people were being baptized
3:21 When was heaven opened?  As he (Jesus) was praying
3:21 What was opened?  Heaven
3:22 Who descended on him (in bodily form like a dove)?  The Holy Spirit
3:22 Like what did the Holy Spirit descend on him (in bodily form)?  (Like) A dove
3:22 In what did the Holy Spirit descend on him (like a dove)?  (In) Bodily form
3:22 From where did a voice come?  (From) Heaven
3:22 What came from heaven?  A voice
3:22 Who are you?  My Son
3:22 Whom do I love (I am well pleased with)?  My Son (you)
3:22 What am I?  Well pleased (with you, My Son)
3:23 Who was about thirty years old (now when he began his ministry, was the son so it was thought of Joseph)?  Jesus himself
3:23 When was Jesus himself about thirty years old?  Now OR When he began his ministry
3:23 About what was Jesus himself (now when he began his ministry)?  (About) Thirty years old
3:23 What did he begin?  His ministry
3:23 Of whom was he the son so it was thought?  (Of) Joseph (the son of Heli)
3:23 What was it thought?  He (Jesus himself) was the son of Joseph (the son of Heli)

4:1 Who returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert?  Jesus (full of the Holy Spirit)
4:1 From where did Jesus return (full of the Holy Spirit)?  (From) The Jordan
4:1 By whom was Jesus led in the desert (full of)?  (By) The (Holy) Spirit
4:1 Where was Jesus led (by the Spirit, full of the Holy Spirit)?  (In) The desert
4:1 How did Jesus return from the Jordan (and was led by the Spirit in the desert)?  Full of the Holy Spirit
4:2 By whom was he tempted (for forty days)?  (By) The devil
4:2 When was he tempted by the devil?  (For those) Forty days
4:2 What did he eat (during those days)?  Nothing
4:2 When did he eat nothing?  During those (forty) days
4:2 What was he?  Hungry (at the end of them) OR Tempted (by the devil for forty days)
4:2 When was he hungry?  At the end of them (those forty days)
4:3 Who said to him?  The devil
4:3 If what tell this stone to become bread?  (If) You are the Son of God
4:4 What is it?  Written
4:4 On what alone does man not live?  (On) Bread
4:4 Who answered?  Jesus
4:4 Who does not live on bread alone?  Man
4:4 How does man not live on bread?  Alone
4:5 Who led him up to a high place and showed him all the kingdoms of the world (in an instant)?  The devil
4:5 Where did the devil lead him?  Up to a high place
4:5 What did the devil show him (in an instant)?  All the kingdoms of the world
4:5 When did the devil show him all the kingdoms of the world?  In an instant
4:6 What will I give you (has been given to me and I can give it to anyone I want to)?  All their authority and splendor (it)
4:6 Why will I give you all their authority and splendor?  For it has been given to me and I can give it to anyone I want to
4:6 To whom can I give it (all their authority and splendor)?  (To) Anyone I want to
4:7 If what will it all be yours?  (If) You worship me
4:8 What is it?  Written
4:8 Who answered?  Jesus
4:8 Worship whom (and serve only)?  (Worship) The Lord your God (him)
4:9 Who led him to Jerusalem and had him stand on the highest point of the temple?  The devil
4:9 Where did the devil lead him?  (To) Jerusalem
4:9 On what did the devil have him stand?  (On) The highest point of the temple
4:9 If what throw yourself down from here?  (If) You are the Son of God
4:9 Where throw yourself if you are the Son of God?  Down from here (the highest point of the temple)
4:10 What is it?  Written
4:10 Whom will he command (concerning you to guard you carefully)?  His angels
4:10 Why will he command his angels (concerning you)?  To guard you (carefully)
4:11 In what will they lift you up?  (In) Their hands
4:11 Why will they lift you up in their hands?  So that you will not strike your foot against a stone
4:11 Against what will you not strike your foot?  (Against) A stone
4:12 Do not what?  (Do not) Put the Lord your God to the test
4:12 Who answered?  Jesus
4:12 Whom do not put to the test?  The Lord your God
4:13 Who had finished all this tempting (left him until an opportune time)?  The devil (he)
4:13 What had the devil finished?  (All) This tempting
4:13 When did he leave him?  When the devil had finished all this tempting OR Until an opportune time
4:14 Who returned to Galilee (in the power of the Spirit)?  Jesus
4:14 Where did Jesus return (in the power of the Spirit)?  (To) Galilee
4:14 In what did Jesus return to Galilee?  (In) The power of the Spirit
4:14 What spread (through the whole countryside)?  News about him (Jesus)
4:14 Where did news about him spread?  (Through) The whole countryside
4:15 In what did he teach?  (In) Their synagogues
4:15 Who praised him?  Everyone
4:16 Where did he go (where he had been brought up)?  (To) Nazareth
4:16 When did he go into the synagogue (was his custom, stand up to read)?  (On) The Sabbath day
4:16 Into what did he go (on the Sabbath day)?  (Into) The synagogue
4:16 How did he go into the synagogue (on the Sabbath day)?  As was his custom
4:16 Why did he stand up?  To read
4:17 What was handed to him (unrolling)?  The scroll of the prophet Isaiah (it)
4:17 What did he find (unrolling it)?  The place where it is written
4:18 Who is on me?  The Spirit of the Lord
4:18 Why is the Spirit of the Lord on me?  Because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor
4:18 What has he anointed me to preach (to the poor)?  Good news
4:18 Why has he sent me?  To proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed
4:18 What has he sent me to proclaim?  Freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind
4:18 To release whom has he sent me?  (To release) The oppressed
4:20 What did he roll up (then, give back to the attendant)?  The scroll (it)
4:20 To whom did he give it back?  (To) The attendant
4:20 What were fastened on him?  The eyes of everyone in the synagogue
4:21 When is this scripture fulfilled (in your hearing)?  Today
4:21 What is fulfilled in your hearing (today)?  This scripture
4:22 Who spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips (asked)?  All (they)
4:22 At what were all amazed (that came from his lips)?  (At) The gracious words
4:23 How will you quote this proverb to me?  Surely
4:23 What will you quote to me (surely)?  This proverb
4:23 Who said to them?  Jesus
4:23 Who heal yourself?  Physician
4:23 Do what (here in your hometown)?  (Do) What we have heard that you did in Capernaum
4:24 What do I tell you?  The truth
4:24 Who is accepted in his hometown?  No prophet
4:24 Where is no prophet accepted?  (In) His hometown
4:25 What do I assure you (that)?  There were many widows in Israel in Elijah’s time
4:25 When were there many widows in Israel (I assure you)?  (In) Elijah’s time
4:25 When was the sky shut (and there was a sever famine throughout land)?  (For) Three and a half years
4:25 Where were there many widows (I assure you, in Elijah’s time)?  (In) Israel
4:25 What was shut (for three and a half years)?  The sky
4:25 Where was there a severe famine?  (Throughout) The land
4:25 What was there (throughout the land)?  A severe famine
4:26 To whom was Elijah sent?  Not (to) any of them OR (To) A widow in Zarephath (in the region of Sidon)
4:26 Who was not sent to any of them but to a widow in Zarephath (in the region of Sidon)?  Elijah
4:26 Where was Elijah sent?  (To a widow in) Zarephath in the region of Sidon
4:27 Who were in Israel (there, in the time of Elisha the prophet)?  Many with leprosy
4:27 Where were there many with leprosy (in the time of Elisha the prophet)?  (In) Israel
4:27 When were there many in Israel with leprosy?  In the time of Elisha the prophet
4:27 Who was cleansed?  (Yet) Not one of them OR (Only) Naaman the Syrian
4:28 Who were furious (when they heard this)?  All the people in the synagogue
4:28 What were all the people in the synagogue (when they heard this)?  Furious
4:28 When were all the people in the synagogue furious?  When they heard this
4:29 Where did they drive him?  Out of the town
4:29 Where did they take him (the town was built)?  (To) The brow of the hill
4:29 Why did they take him to the brow of the hill (on which the town was built, drive him out of the town)?  In order to throw him down the cliff
4:30 Through what did he walk?  (Right through) The crowd
4:30 On what did he go?  (On) His way
4:31 Where did he go (then)?  Down to Capernaum, a town in Galilee
4:31 When did he begin to teach the people?  (On) The Sabbath (then)
4:31 Whom did he begin to teach (on the Sabbath)?  The people
4:32 At what were they amazed?  (At) His teaching
4:32 Why were they amazed at his teaching?  Because his message had authority
4:32 What had authority?  His message
4:33 Where was a man (possessed by a demon an evil spirit)?  (In) The synagogue there
4:33 Who was possessed by a demon (an evil spirit, there in the synagogue, cried out at the top of his voice)?  A man (he)
4:33 By whom was a man possessed (there in the synagogue)?  (By) A demon, an evil spirit
4:33 At what did he cry out?  (At) The top of his voice
4:34 What do I know?  Who you are-the Holy One of God
4:35 Be what?  (Be) Quiet
4:35 Who said (sternly)?  Jesus
4:35 How did Jesus say?  Sternly
4:35 Come where?  Out of him
4:35 Who threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him (then)?  The demon
4:35 Where did the demon throw the man (then)?  Down before them all
4:35 Before whom did the demon throw the man down (then)?  (Before) Them all
4:35 Without what did the demon come out (of him, then)?  (Without) Injuring him (the man)
4:36 Who were amazed and said to each other?  All the people
4:36 What were all the people?  Amazed
4:36 To whom did all the people say?  (To) Each other
4:36 To whom does he give orders (with authority and power)?  (To) Evil spirits
4:36 With what does he give orders (to evil spirits)?  (With) Authority and power
4:37 What spread (throughout the surrounding area)?  The news about him
4:37 Where did the news about him spread?  (Throughout) The surrounding area
4:38 Who left the synagogue and went to the home of Simon?  Jesus
4:38 What did Jesus leave?  The synagogue
4:38 Where did Jesus go?  (To) The home of Simon
4:38 When was Simon’s mother-in-law suffering from a high fever?  Now
4:38 Who was suffering from a high fever (now)?  Simon’s mother-in-law
4:38 From what was Simon’s mother-in-law suffering (now)?  (From) A high fever
4:38 Whom did they ask (to help her, Simon’s mother-in-law)?  Jesus
4:39 What did he rebuke (left her)?  The fever (it)
4:39 When did she get up and begin to wait on them?  At once
4:40 When did the people bring to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness?  When the sun was setting
4:40 What was setting?  The sun
4:40 Who brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness (when the sun was setting)?  The people
4:40 Whom did the people bring to Jesus (when the sun was setting)?  All who had various kinds of sickness
4:40 Laying what on each one did he heal them (all who had various kinds of sickness)?  (Laying) His hands
4:41 Who came out of many people (knew he was the Christ, moreover)?  Demons (they)
4:41 Out of whom did demons come (moreover)?  (Out of) Many people
4:41 Who are you?  The Son of God
4:41 Why did he rebuke them and would not allow them to speak?  Because they knew he was the Christ
4:41 Who was he (they knew)?  The Christ
4:41 What did they know?  He was the Christ
4:42 When did Jesus go out to a solitary place?  (At) Daybreak
4:42 Who went out to a solitary place (at daybreak)?  Jesus
4:42 Where did Jesus go (at daybreak)?  Out to a solitary place
4:42 Who were looking for him (came to where he was, tried to keep him from leaving them)?  The people (they)
4:42 When did they try to keep him from leaving them?  When they came to where he (Jesus) was
4:42 From what did they try to keep him (Jesus)?  (From) Leaving them
4:42 Where did they come?  (To) Where he was
4:43 What must I preach to the other towns (also)?  The good news of the kingdom of God
4:43 Where must I preach the good news (of the kingdom of God, also)?  (To) The other towns
4:43 Why must I preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns (also)?  Because that is why I was sent
4:44 In what did he keep on preaching?  (In) The synagogues of Judea

5:1 Who was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret (one day)?  Jesus
5:1 By what was Jesus standing (one day)?  (By) The Lake of Gennesaret
5:1 When was Jesus standing by the Lake of Gennesaret (with the people crowding around him and listening to the word of God)?  One day
5:2 What did he see at the water’s edge (left there by the fishermen)?  Two boats
5:2 Where did he see two boats (left by the fishermen)?  At the water’s edge  (There)
5:2 Who were washing their nets (left two boats at the water’s edge)?  The fishermen
5:2 What were the fishermen washing?  Their nets
5:3 Into what did he get (he began to teach the people from)?  (Into) One of the boats OR The one belonging to Simon OR The boat
5:3 Where did he ask him to put out?  A little from shore
5:3 Whom did he teach from the boat (then)?  The people
5:4 When did he say to Simon?  When he had finished speaking
5:4 Let down what?  (Let down) The nets
5:4 To whom did he say?  (To) Simon
5:4 Into what put out?  (Into) Deep water
5:4 Why let down the nets (put out into deep water)?  For a catch
5:5 What will I let down?  The nets
5:5 Who answered?  Simon
5:5 Why will I let down the nets?  (But) Because you say so (Master)
5:6 When did they catch such a large number of fish that their nets began to break?  When they had done so
5:6 What had they caught?  (Such) A large number of fish
5:6 What began to break?  Their nets
5:6 Why did their nets begin to break?  They caught such a large number of fish (that)
5:7 Whom did they signal (in the other boat)?  Their partners
5:7 Why did they signal their partners in the other boat?  To come and help them
5:7 How did they fill both boats?  So full (that they began to sink)
5:7 Why did they begin to sink?  They (their partners) came and filled both boats so full (that)
5:7 What did they fill (so full, began to sink)?  Both boats (they)
5:8 When did he fall at Jesus’ knees and say?  When Simon Peter saw this
5:8 Who saw this (fell at Jesus’ knees and said)?  Simon Peter (he)
5:8 At what did he fall?  (At) Jesus’ knees
5:8 Who go away from me?  Lord
5:8 Go where (Lord)?  (Go) Away from me
5:8 What am I?  (A) Sinful (man)
5:9 Who were astonished (had taken the catch of fish)?  He and all his companions (they)
5:9 At what were he and all his companions astonished (they had taken)?  (At) The catch of fish
5:10 Who said to Simon?  Jesus
5:10 To whom did Jesus say?  (To) Simon
5:10 Don’t what?  (Don’t) Be afraid
5:10 When will you catch men?  From now on
5:10 Whom will you catch (from now on)?  Men
5:11 Where did they pull their boats?  Up on shore
5:11 What did they pull up on shore?  Their boats
5:11 What did they leave?  Everything
5:12 When did a man come along who was covered with leprosy?  While Jesus was in one of the towns
5:12 With what was a man covered (come along)?  (With) Leprosy
5:12 Who was in one of the towns?  Jesus
5:12 Where was Jesus?  (In) One of the towns
5:12 Who came along (who was covered with leprosy, saw Jesus, fell with his face to the ground and begged him)?  A man (he)
5:12 When did he fall with his face to the ground and beg him?  When he saw Jesus
5:12 Whom did he see (beg)?  Jesus (him)
5:12 With what to the ground did he fall?  (With) His face
5:12 Who can make me clean if you are willing?  Lord (you)
5:12 If what you can make me clean (Lord)?  (If) You are willing
5:13 Who reached out his hand and touched the man (said)?  Jesus (he)
5:13 What did Jesus reach out?  His hand
5:13 Whom did Jesus touch?  The man
5:13 What am I?  Willing
5:13 Be what?  (Be) Clean
5:13 How did the leprosy leave him?  Immediately
5:13 What left him (immediately)?  The leprosy
5:14 Don’t what?  (Don’t) Tell anyone
5:14 Offer what (that Moses commanded)?  The sacrifices
5:14 Who ordered him?  Jesus
5:14 To whom show yourself (go)?  (To) The priest
5:14 Why offer the sacrifices Moses that commanded for your cleansing?  As a testimony to them
5:15 What spread (all the more)?  The news about him
5:15 How did the news about him spread (yet)?  All the more
5:15 Why did crowds of people come?  The news about him spread all the more (so that) OR To hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses
5:15 Who came?  Crowds of people
5:15 Of what did the crowds of people come to be healed (hear him and)?  (Of) Their sicknesses
5:16 Who withdrew to lonely places and prayed (often)?  Jesus
5:16 When did Jesus withdraw to lonely places and pray?  Often
5:16 To where did Jesus withdraw (and pray, often)?  (To) Lonely places
5:17 When were Pharisees and teachers of the law who had come from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem sitting there?  One day as he was teaching
5:17 Who were sitting there (who had come from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem, one day as he was teaching)?  Pharisees and teachers of the law
5:17 From where had Pharisees and teachers of the law come?  (From) Every village of Galilee and (from) Judea and Jerusalem
5:17 What was present?  The power of the Lord
5:17 Why was the power of the Lord present?  For him to heal the sick
5:18 Who came carrying a paralytic on a mat and tried to take him into the house (to lay him before Jesus)?  Some men
5:18 Carrying whom on a mat did some men come?  (Carrying) A paralytic (him)
5:18 Why did some men come carrying a paralytic on a mat and try to take him into the house?  To lay him before Jesus
5:18 Into what did some men try to take him (a paralytic)?  (Into) The house
5:18 Before whom did some men try to lay him (a paralytic)?  (Before) Jesus
5:19 When did they go up on the roof and lower him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd (right in front of Jesus)?  When they could not find a way to do this
5:19 Why could they not find a way to do this?  Because of the crowd
5:19 What could they not find?  A way to do this
5:19 On what did they go up?  (On) The roof
5:19 On what did they lower him?  (On) His mat
5:19 Through what did they lower him?  (Through) The tiles
5:19 Where did they lower him on his mat through the tiles?  (Into) The middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus
5:20 What are forgiven (friend)?  Your sins
5:20 Who saw their faith (said)?  Jesus (he)
5:20 What did Jesus see?  Their faith
5:20 When did he say?  When Jesus saw their faith
5:21 Who began thinking to themselves?  The Pharisees and the teachers of the law
5:22 Who knew what they were thinking and asked?  Jesus
5:22 What did Jesus know?  What they were thinking (these things in their hearts)
5:24 To whom did he say?  (To) The paralyzed man
5:24 What may you know that the Son of Man has authority to forgive (on earth)?  Sins
5:24 Who has authority to forgive sins (on earth)?  The Son of Man
5:24 Where does the Son of Man have authority to forgive sins?  (On) Earth
5:24 Take what?  (Take) Your mat
5:24 Go where?  (Go) Home
5:25 How did he stand up in front of them (take what he had been lying on and went home praising God)?  Immediately
5:25 Praising whom did he go home?  (Praising) God
5:25 Where did he stand up (immediately)?  In front of them
5:25 What did he take?  What he had been lying on
5:25 Where did he go (praising God)?  Home
5:26 Who was amazed and gave praise to God (were filled with awe and said)?  Everyone (they)
5:26 What was everyone?  Amazed
5:26 What did everyone give to God?  Praise
5:26 To whom did everyone give praise?  (To) God
5:26 With what were they filled?  (With) Awe
5:26 What have we seen (today)?  Remarkable things
5:26 When have we seen remarkable things?  Today
5:27 When did Jesus go out and see a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting at his tax booth?  After this
5:27 Who went out and saw a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting at his tax booth (said to him, after this)?  Jesus
5:27 Whom did Jesus see (sitting at his tax booth, after this)?  A tax collector by the name of Levi (him)
5:27 At what did Jesus see a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting (after this)?  (At) His tax booth
5:28 Who got up, left everything and followed him?  Levi
5:28 What did Levi leave?  Everything
5:29 Who held a great banquet for Jesus (at his house, then)?  Levi
5:29 For whom did Levi hold a great banquet (at his house, then)?  (For) Jesus
5:29 At what did Levi hold a great banquet for Jesus (then)?  (At) His house
5:29 Who were eating with them?  A large crowd of tax collectors and others
5:30 Who complained to his disciples (who belonged to their sect)?  The Pharisees and the teachers of the law
5:30 To whom did the Pharisees and the teachers of the law who belonged to their sect complain?  (To) His disciples
5:30 With whom do you eat and drink?  (With) Tax collectors and “sinners”
5:31 Who answered them?  Jesus
5:31 Whom do the healthy not need (but the sick)?  A doctor
5:31 Who need a doctor?  Not the healthy OR The sick
5:32 Whom have I come to call to repentance?  Not the righteous OR  Sinners
5:32 To what have I not come to call the righteous but sinners?  (To) Repentance
5:32 Why have I come?  Not to call the righteous to repentance OR  To call the sinners to repentance
5:33 Who often fast and pray (do so)?  John’s disciples OR The disciples of the Pharisees
5:33 When do John’s disciples fast and pray (and so do the disciples of the Pharisees)?  Often
5:34 Who answered?  Jesus
5:35 What will come (when the bridegroom will be taken from them)?  The time
5:35 When will they fast (the time will come)?  In those days OR When the bridegroom will be taken from them
5:35 Who will be taken from them?  The bridegroom
5:36 What did he tell them?  This parable
5:36 What does no one tear from a new garment and sew on an old one (garment)?  A patch (it)
5:36 If what will he have torn the new garment and the patch from the new will not match the old?  (If) He does (tear a patch from a new garment and sew it on an old one)
5:36 Who tears a patch from a new garment and sews it on an old one?  No one
5:37 Who pours new wine into old wineskins?  No one
5:37 What does no one pour into old wineskins (will burst the skins, run out)?  (The) New wine
5:37 What will be ruined?  The (old) wineskins
5:38 Into what must new wine be poured?  (Into) New wineskins
5:39 Who wants the new after drinking old wine?  No one
5:39 What does no one want after drinking old wine?  The new (wine)
5:39 What is better?  The old (wine)