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Romans questions for Bible quizzing ESV 2011 (Sept 2013 revision)

James questions for Bible quizzing ESV 2011 (Sept 2013 revision)

Revelation questions for Bible quizzing ESV 2011 (Sept 2013 revision)

Bible quizzing 2013-14 schedule

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What is Bible Quizzing?

Bible quizzers answer questions from God's word. Bible quizzing is a game that motivates Christian youth to study the Bible by making it fun and involing a group of teens. It's always easier to do it in a group, when you have a friend to spur you on.
Youth soccer, football and baseball have an earthly goal. But Bible quizzing allows teens time in God's word to hear what He is saying to them today.
The goal of Christian parents and of any church youth ministry is to help teens study the Bible and encourage fellowship with others of like mind. Bible quizzing accomplishes both in a fast moving, fun way that challenges, motivates and encourages.
We use modified YFC/YEA style rules.
We have local quizzes, Regionals and Nationals!
Want help getting Bible quizzing started in your area? Contact us and we will help.

Christian teens stay in touch with each other, and both families and churches benefit when youth programs are centered on studying the Bible. 
Teens study and memorize the scripture and then quiz over it usually once a month. 
Teams of 5-7 study the Bible and work together during the quiz to answer from God's word.
Questions of Who, What, Where, When or Quote the Verse are asked. Quizzers have a short time to recall and answer from the scripture what the Bible says.

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